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  1. First, let me say hi to you all and thanks for any help you may offer. Second, My intent is not to become a professional DJ or KJ. However I may take on a job or two as long as they understand my position. Now, my story (I’ll keep it short). We are a Relay For Life Team through the American Cancer Society. We decided to have dances as another opportunity to make money. In order to save any DJ fees and improve our income I volunteered to be the play the music. (notice I did not call myself a DJ). I have a high end Integra 8.8 A/V Receiver and 2 Definitive Technology PB7002 speakers and 2 CD / BR players that I use. In other words I have to dismantle my home entertainment system and then put it back together again. It’s for a good cause so I have done it two times so far. The dances have been and great success and I get a lot of complements on the “sound system”. I do not run just a loud boom boom dance I rather quality sounding music. I play at about 97 decibels. We are going to continue with the dances and also talking about Karaoke. So I am thinking of some DJ / KJ equipment that would elevate the need for me to dismantle my system however I do not mind continuing to use my speakers for a while longer. I went to the local Guitar Center, told my story and this is what was recommended. QSC GX3 Stereo Power Amplifier, VocoPro UHF-5800 Four Microphone Wireless System, and because I want to maintain “quality sound” it was suggested to get the M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Recording Interface. (not sure if I want to record anything?) I want my desk top computer to be the main control center but I do not want high tech software. Beat matching, scratching, light shows etc are not what I am interested in. I have Creative Media Source 5 software (soundblaster FX sound card) and J. River Media Center 14, plus some Nero software. If we do the Karaoke thing I would likely need to upgrade my video card to connect to a TV. The "Guitar Center" also sells Crown amps and they caught my eye. Doing some research / reading I think I would prefer an outboard “Dac” and am interested in the “Dac Magic” or more likely the Beresford Caiman Dac instead of the M Audio Pro Fire 610. I also need a sound card with Toslink connections for a Windows PC. According to Caiman I do not need and “high end” sound card. I might build a PC just for this purpose. I also want to have a mic for making announcements. So, what do you think? What do I need? Thanks, Hammy