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  1. Macro Reference low output

    Wow, not much activity on this forum is there? Now my Micro Tech 600 and my K2 have both quit working. :angry:
  2. Hi: newbie here.....I recently bought a used Macro Reference amp and it always seems to have very low output. I took it to a friend who owns a car stereo amplifier company and he tested it with a standard head unit that puts out 5 volts out of the preamp outputs. He could only get 130 watts per channel out of it. In my home system, I have the same problem, very low output. What kind of input voltage does it take to drive this thing? My home theatre ...Onkyo receiver did the same thing...I have to turn the gains all the way up on the Crown and the volume all the way up on the receiver, and still only have fairly loud volume...but I guess with 130 watts or so, that's about all I'm gonna get. I did take off the back PIP card and checked the switch on the card according to the installation instructions and I believe it is towards the inside of the amp, which the manual said gave the highest fidelity. So what's the key to getting my 960 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load? I also have a K2 amp and a MicroTech 600 pro amp too. Thanks in advance, Marty