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  1. Crown XTi DSP/EQ Question

    Thanks for the information, Bill! I'm going to check out some JBL speakers while I'm at it! I like the idea of having the presets...
  2. Hello, I am putting together a small practice PA that will include a Crown XTi 1000 and a pair of floor monitors. Will the built in EQ of the XTi be sufficient for feedback control? How many bands does the EQ control (15? 31?)? I was considering a pair of Peavey PV 12M monitors, but I also read something about speaker presets within the XTi series....would this speaker preset function act somewhat like a Driverack, thus "bringing out the best" of the speaker set up, or is it something completely different? My other alternative is to get a Crown XLS 202 and an external crossover instead of the XTi 1000. Eventually these monitors will be used in a live setup as I add more amps and speakers (FOH). Thanks in advance for your suggestions and expertise!