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  1. I am attempting to troubleshoot a Power-tech 2 that has both IOC lights lit with nothing connected to it. First of all I would like to know if I can download schematics and/or a service manual for this amp somewhere. All I see on the Crown website is a schematic for a PT3 in the PT .1 section. Not sure if this is applicable to a PT2, and there are no service manuals for this model listed. One thing I noticed is that the power supply voltages from the main rectifiers measure about 103Vdc. After doing the math, this doesn't seem to be enough to support the rated output of the PT2, but seems about right for the output of the PT1. Am I way off here? I am wondering If someone was swapping parts out with a PT1 or something. I also noticed, by looking at other schematics, that the unit can be wired for input voltages other than 120Vac. Maybe it is configured wrong. I would like to figure out if I have a Frankenstein of some sort before I get to deep into it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.