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  1. I currently own a number of Crown power amplifiers and I continue to attempt to register these amps on-line only to find that the product registration link unavailable. Any idea when this link will be back up?
  2. Can't find it in the specs or here. What is the voltage gain of this amp? Thanks
  3. Power for Peavey QW218's

    I now have 4 xti's in my rack. I have 2 xti 2000's running in bridge mode, each powering a Peavey SP218 sub. I just put 2 xti 4002's in my rack, also in bridge mode and each powering a Peavey QW218. I am working to set these up and get this rig running. On page 13 of the xti 2000 manual, bridged cabling calls for 1 input to the amp, that being channel 1. Bridged output cabling to speaker as per normal. On page 4 of the xti 4002 manual, bridged cabling calls for inputs into both channel 1 and channel 2, with the amp summing the input signal. Again, bridged cabling to speaker as per normal. First, and not to be insolent, is the 4002 hookup as stated in the manual correct? Is it now improper to input only to CH 1 with this amp in bridge? Second, if this is now the case, can I use an xlr Y cable from one output of my DSP into 2 inputs of the amp and be OK? Third, should the Channel 2 gain knob on the front of 4002's be fully counterclockwise since Channel 1 output is the only output being used? And lastly, just out of curiosity, why the change? Thanks
  4. Power for Peavey QW218's

    Thanks Tom. I just bought 2.
  5. Power for Peavey QW218's

    Ok, here's where I'm at. After some serious research, there are 2 sets of subs I'm looking at: a set of JBL srx728s and/or a set of Peavey Qw218's. Both are rated 3,200 watts at a 4 ohm load. I checked and re-checked this spec. Both are considered by many to be very comparable in quality; excellent. Both will stop hearts and melt faces. Both will fill up a larger outdoor venue with no problem. I will use these for FOH live sound. I may get both and use 1 set on either side of the talent, and one set center filled as AUX fed with kick and bass guitar. I wouldn't place these side by side as I have concerns for phase cancellation. Mix n Match would be an issue I believe. There are a number of quality amps to run these, previous posts in this thread atest. I really want to stick with Crown as I already have 2 xti2000's and a CE1000 in my rack and I believe these to powering what I currently have quite nicely. I already have a rack mount DSP (Peavey VSX26) so an on board amp DSP is less than necessary. The xti 4000/4002 is a light, 3,200 watt at 4 ohm bridged amplifier. Since both/either cab is 3,200 watt program at 4 ohm this would seem to be a good ECONOMICAL yet quality choice. Again, the on-board DSP of the xti is of no use to me. Bottom line: do I need to spend a boatload of money on an I-Tech to power either of these brands of subs or can an xti 4000/4002 in bridge (3,200watts) for basically less than half the money, do the deal and do it without regret? Can I get the headroom out of these subs with xti power? Whats a mother to do?
  6. I have 2 Peavey QW218 subwoofers and I'm looking for power. I am opting for 2 xti 4000's, running them in bridge mode. The xti's spec at 3,200 watts in bridge @ 4 ohms. The Peaveys are spec'd @ 3,200 watts of program power. Or is there a better option? Thanks Tony
  7. I'm considering the purchase of a couple of xti 2000 power amps that I would bridge and run at a 4 ohm load. In my research I notice that at 4 ohm bridge the THD on these models is spec'd at 1%. Is this a spec that I should be concerned about?
  8. CE1000 without sensitivity switch

    I never would have thought to look there! To the basement I go. Thanks. UncleTony
  9. Greetings, I own a ce1000 power amp. It does NOT have a sensitivity switch on the back. Can anyone tell me what the rated voltage gain on this amp would be? The only archived manuals I can find are those where a sensitivity switch is shown and described. Thanks, UncleTony
  10. I have a CE1000 which I dearly love and works great until recently, so I need some help. First, I've had the amp for quite awhile and am not quite sure whether it is worth repair costs. That fact that it bridges out at such high watts makes it valuable to me. It is a model where a tab switch takes it from stereo to mono bridge. The switch came off and it is now useless. In other words, I can't move the amp from stereo to bridge with the switch, but I think it is actually in mono bridge. Here's why. 1.) It will only take an input signal in channel 1. Channel 2 input is silent. Yes, I cranked up the Channel 2 gain befor I inserted the input xlr. 2.) Both output channels, when connected with speakons provide output, that is they drive speakers. a.) based on the manual, I am under the assumption that only channel 1 output works in bridge mode. Am I wrong? 3.) Am I supposed to get output in bridge mode from both channels? a.) If I am, should I be wiring both speakon inserts +1, +2 if it is truly in mono bridge ? What should the speakon wiring be? Help! I love my CE1000. Uncle