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  1. I'm needing to download your service info on the vintage D-150A amplifier. I've been unable to open your zip format. Any chance you can convert to the PDF format?
  2. Crown IC-150 problems

    Kevin, Since only one or two of you know this product, then it would be safe to assume that you would be the Kevin that didn't return my phone call three days ago. I received no phone call for three days from Crown Customer Service or their Parts Department. However, the fellow at AE Techron seemed much more willing to share information concerning parts availability and cost. When I placed an order with Crown the lady was polite and thoughtful enough to call me later with the total that was charged to my credit card.
  3. Crown IC-150 problems

    Obviously I won't get help here either. Thanks everybody!
  4. Crown IC-150 problems

    After being told two days in a row that I would receive a returned phone call......silence. What's up with NO customer service from Crown?
  5. Crown IC-150 problems

    I have somehow managed to hurt my newly acquired Crown IC-150 preamp. I grounded the third plug terminal on the amp (a D-150A) and now the unit's volume output is very low until it reached about 60%, then it's like full volume! Any suggestions on what component or components I may have damaged? After this happened, I now see the warnings posted in the manual concerning ground loops. OOOOPS!