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  1. Hello Crown, I have 2 Crown CE4000 and 1 Crown XTI 4000. I have a Rane 2016A Mixer and I want to power 4 JBL JRX125 speakers and 2 CERWIN VEGA AB36C Sub Woofers with these 3 Amps. Can any one please give me a detailed explanation as to how I can connect these 3 Amps to power these 6 speakers? I currently just have 1 CE4000 powering 2 JRX125 and another CE4000 powering another 2 JRX125 via a Samson S3-Way - Stereo 2/3-Way/Mono 4-Way Crossover. I also have a DBX 1231 Dual 31-Band Graphic Equalizer connected to this system. I currently have 1 JBL JRX118SP powered Sub Woofer connected directly to the crossover which I want to eliminate completely. I just purchased the 3rd Crown XTI 4000 and the 2 CERWIN VEGA Subs and I want it all together. How do I make this happen??? Thanks in advance. Hugo "HNYC" HOUSE MUSIC