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  1. Are the Crossover in the XTi compareable to the dbx DriveRack PA?
  2. Good System for about 500 People.

    but would they be loud enough for a 3 piece rock band?
  3. I work with a band that is playing at some outdoor venues and they want a system that can cover a 500 person audience. They are looking at the 2 JBL JRX115 and 2 JRX118s with a Crown XTi 2000 for the subs and a Crown XTi 4000 for the 115s. I told them to let me look around for some input before they go out and buy anything. Any Advice would be helpful.
  4. How many of each amp (5000i, 9000i, 12000i) can Safely plug in to a 20A Duplex at 120V?
  5. Powering the amps

    I was wondering how many XTi 4000s and be pluged in to a 20A Circuit?