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  1. Ok here is a wiring question. I want to run 2 XLS802D's stereo mode to 4 speaker cabs (2 on each amp) How do I get one set (2) of outputs from my mixer into the amp inputs(4)? Can this be done safely I don't want to go out and experiment and screw up an amp or something. Can I use the bridge mono switch to combine the #2 channel and still use the stereo config for the outputs?
  2. Balanced or unbalanced

    Thanks for the help HeadlineDJ I will do some more tweeking and also try my old device and compare the settings, at least now I have an idea where to start.
  3. Balanced or unbalanced

    well thats good news cause i didn't want to buy any additional equipment to do the balancing act. So how would I go about doing what you suggested checking gain structure? As far as amp controls all there is is the 2 gains on the front panel? Also thank for your help!
  4. OK here is my problem I have a small DJ setup, I am running audio from my laptop via 2 usb cables to a numark usbx1 mixer then out via rca with an rca to xlr conector to an xls 802D amp then out to 2 cerwin vega INT-252"s. Now that said here is my problem and what I think might be the solution. I used to have an echo indigo sound card installed in my laptop ran straight to the 802 via 1/8 to xlr cable, it sounded great the amp delivered great power never close to clipping but the sound card only had one output and I needed 2. So I purchase the numark mixer and the problem is that I can't really get the same power I used to without the amp clipping and I don't want to damage my speaker or the amp. I am assuming this is because the signal is unbalanced now being I am using the rca cables between the mixer and amp, is this correct or am I missing something else? I want that great sound and power back, I never had a problem with hum or buzz, just a lack of power now that the mixer is in the equation. Any ideas Thanks and great forum I been reading here for 2 days, alot of useful info.