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  1. XTI Link Output Connector

    Your understanding and mine are the same. I want to take one stereo signal from my sound board via xlr and input that signal into Amp#A then using the Output Connector on Amp#A and via xlr jumper connect Amp#A into the xlr input of Amp#B. The question is probably obvious but, are the speaker output bindng posts still active on both Amp#A & B at this point. In otherwords, can Amp#A via binding posts be used to drive speaker #L1 & #R2 and Amp#2 via binding post be used to drive speaker #L3 & #R4 while Amp#A and Amp#B are jumped together via the Output Connector? Does the speaker output disabled if the amp is jumped using the Output Connector?
  2. XTI Link Output Connector

    Okay so I am idiot.... I realize I am not a professional sound engineer, but a little help guys?
  3. I own two XTi 1000 amps and want to feed a single two channel stereo balance single to both amps. Can I use the Link Output Connector connected from Amp A to Amp B and still use the speaker outputs on both Amp A and Amp B or is there a better way to feed a single two channel signal to both amps?