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  1. Euroblock connectors CDI series

    I found some that work. They are 5mm centered. Here is the mouser part number for the ones I used. 571-7966403 www.mouser.com Its made by Tyco and is a slightly tighter fit than the original but it works great. Kodiak46
  2. Hi, I have a CDI 1000 amplifier and I seem to have lost one of the euroblock input connectors. I am wondering what the pitch is on them so that I can order a proper replacement. Thanks Kodiak46
  3. Pairing channels on a CDI1000

    ok.. I now have managed to create a custom control panel with all the parameters I need.. Could you drop a note to the software guys though.. if a simple link checkbox were available it would make this much eaiser. I can see how powerful the custom panel would be in a complex system with multiple amps and boxes though.. Thanks for your help Kodiak
  4. Pairing channels on a CDI1000

    ok.. thanks.. I have been playing with the channel eq linking procedure you stated earlier and I have managed only to link the amplitude.. I also need the bandwidth and frequency linked together as well. Is this possible? Kodiak
  5. Pairing channels on a CDI1000

    Thank you very much for the help on the custom control panel. I can find the Sub Synth in the XTI amplifiers but the release notes led me to beleive that one was added to the CDI series. So.. I still can't find a sub synth in the CDI amp. Is there supposed to be one in a CDI? thanks Kodiak
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew how to pair channels in system architecht. I would like to be able to adjust the eq filters for both channels at the same time and have them be identical. Also.. with the new fimware update I see this in the release notes but can't seem to find it in software. Crown CDi Additions: 1. True 2-channel sub synth in DSP. This algo no longer automatically takes the summed ch1+ch2 input. Is this an error in the release notes? Thanks for your help Kodiak