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  1. Crown LPS2500 - Faulty Fan ?

    Thanks for your reply, it seems my fan could be DOA, as I have never seen it operating, even when the unit has gone into fault mode, but I will have to send it to a repair agent to confirm as I dont want to void warranty by testing the fan myself, but at this stage all the signs point to a faulty fan, im hoping it is that simple! :-)
  2. Crown LPS2500 - Faulty Fan ?

    The Cabinet has a single 8 ohm Driver,I havent seen the fan running even when the amp warms up. Thanks Michael
  3. I have a month old LPS2500, it has been giving me problems since new, it was first thought that the unit was going into undercurrent protection mode and hence going into shutdown. I have tested this well now and with a good power supply not running off a power strip I am finding I still don't have to drive the amp very hard at all for it to shut down. I am wondering now if the fault is heat related and the fan is not operating ? , I have used the system about 10 times now and it has shut down at least once or twice every time I use it and of course this is very frustrating as I have to back the amp right off so it doesnt fault again and it affects the sound of the system. I have not once seen the cooling fan going at the back of the amp, hence why I think the fan is not working at all and the amp continuously over heats and shuts down. The Amp is running bridged mono into a single B&C loaded 15 inch vented cabinet. Has anyone had a similar problem or can give me a further way to test this for sure before I take it back to supplier for repair ? Thanks Michael
  4. Thanks for the useful reply, I do have a 4 way multiboard that also has a crossover and a QSC GX7 plugged into it too, so I am guessing this could be part of the issue, the QSC wont be drawing much current as it just running mids and highs, I will take that multiboard out of the chain and see how I go, hopefully it solves the issue! Regards Mike
  5. Hi, I have a brand new LPS2500, I am running it bridged to 1450 watts at 8 ohm running a single B&C 15 inch 8ohm subwoofer, I am finding I hardly even have to push the amp at all and it shuts down. Even with the crossover set at 80hz it only takes an hour or less and it shuts down. It is not running any where near clip, and I have tried putting the volume knob on the amp in several positions with no improvement. The amp doesnt even seem that hot when it shuts down. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to prevent this or some tests I can do to isolate the problem I would be very greatful. I beginning to wonder if I should of selected a different amplifier for the job but I thought the amp wouldnt be working hard at all just driving a single 15! Any help would be great. Regards Mike