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  1. Ok after much hunting forums and such once again for this "NEW" issue I see that mine are the new generation and have the bridge switch so everythings cool . I know nothing about "these" amps and the users manual and people I call at crown dont either, seriously the amp tech did'nt know anything about the xls series. Besides all that and blowing 20amp breakers on #12 wire everythings going pretty smooth otherwise. :angry: WOW
  2. I am running two xls802's. I have one xlr comming from the crossover and I made an xlr split cable to go to input one of each amp. So how am I possibly going to make a cable from one xlr to four xlr's. Anyone have a better solution so I dont have to run the comressor in stereo? I'm lost here its kinda goofy.
  3. Are you kidding me, I just have input one going in with bridge switch on, the banana out on the red binding posts, lmao. Ok how many watts am I running with it like this? Guess I better rethink what I have here.
  4. XLS802D First time use

    Did'nt notice at first dglass that you were a tech, sorry for the doubt. But yea I will run them all day in 4 ohm bridge but with a dedicated circut
  5. XLS802D First time use

    Oh sorry my bad had the letter turned around, They are the LSX218 by carvin. They only had them out a short time about two years ago, guess the bed liner style coating was to expensive to do or
  6. XLS802D First time use

    Now I'm confused, I bought two xls802D"s to run my Carvin LXS218 subs in bridge mode at 4ohm's each. I don't know if this is going to be ok or not from what I'm reading. What is the clicking sound in the subs after awhile of use that others have been hearing? Do I use these amps for monitors and buy new crowns for the subs? I have an imprtant show coming up I cant have anything go wrong by NO means. PLEASE HELP me know for sure these are ok.
  7. So I have two xls802 and was told at the store they would be great for my 4ohm cabs in bridge mode. Now I cant find out if they will be ok or not, can you help me also?