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  1. hello i have 4 pvdjs4 for mains powered with two xti 2000.i usually push them hard in big venues and the amps clip oncen in a while usually when i runout of headroom. I am planning in buying another pair for the mains but looking at the peavey sp6 does anybody have any recommendations for amps.My thoughts are bridging each 2000 to each sp6 and buying two 4000 for the djs4's.My question is will this setup work and will i get louder output on the djs4s with two 4000 and bridging the 2000 will that deterioate the signal.The uses and specs are as follows: 4 peavey djs4 500 rms 1000 program 2000 peak powered by 2xti 2000 limiter 6db in stereo 4ohms 2 peavey sp218 1200rms 2400 program 4800peak powered by 1 peavey cs 4080hz stereo 4ohms 4 cerwin vega el36b 500rms 1000 peak powered by 1 cs4080hz stereo 4 ohms system is crossedover at 200hz on external crossover in stereo 2way i will probably lower crossover to 125 or lower if i get two peavey sp6. peavey sp6 1000wrms 2000 prgm 4000 peak this are real three way the peavey djs4 are pseudo 3 way. Also will i have just abit more headroom with this setup or am i better off buying a xti 6000 for the peavey sp6. anybody who knows his stuff is welcomed to respond.
  2. i know someone already posted something similar to this, but i need some recommendations for a amp or amps for 4 cv el36b earthquakes. i usually go for the program rating but cerwin vega power ratings for pa speakers are a bit different, there missing a number. i am thinking of either 2 xti 4000 one it6000 or 1 it4000. i am looking in getting the most out of this subs but dont want to over do it. the spec sheet from cv is 500 rms 1000 peak, they recommend 750 to 1000.what i also want to know is has anybody use this subs and what is the most power they used on them before blowing them.ive been using 2 american audio vlp2500 in 4 ohm bridge giving them up to 2500 watts for a pair, amp is always in the green. Will one it 6000 in 4 ohm stereo suck less juice then two xti in 4 ohm bridge from the wall oulet.