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  1. Just went digging again and found an old thread. DGlass posted a wiring diagram for custom Y cables which solved my problem: I was "reversing polarity" by swapping terminals 1 and 2, when really I was supposed to unsolder pin 2 and move it to pin 3. Thanks DGlass (I'm such an idiot... argh )
  2. Apparently its fine, the amp just did not meet the technical certification for being bridged as it may draw too much current from a 120v supply. Another issue has come up though. Myself and another member at (bass guitar forum) are having trouble getting bridged mode to work correctly. The thread can be found here: XLS 602 bridging problems... To sum it up, our problem is that the XLS602 does not seem to be putting out the power ratings as per bridged mono mode. In bridged 8 ohm, I cannot tell the difference at all from stereo 8 ohm. Surely I would notice a difference in volume from 380w to 1300w. What could be the problem?? Here is my last post from the thread: I am running an Eden navigator preamp - sending two (identical) stereo signals, one which I have adapted to be in reverse polarity (as instructed in the Crown manual), into the Crown XLS 602. The channel levels controls are also set to identical settings, as instructed in the manual. The output I have tried both via a modified 4 pin speakon (wired with terminals 1+ and 2+ from the amp out), and I've also tried wiring directly across the red binding posts... I am getting sound, yes, but there should definitely be more power coming from the amp. I am in Aus, and we have 240v/50hz mains, so the amp is supposed to do 380w at 8 ohms, per channel, or in bridged, roughly 1300w at 8 ohms. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't there be a significant difference in volume between 380watts and 1200-1300watts?? I seriously couldn't tell the difference - so something mustn't be right. My 4x10 cabinet is only rated at 700watts as well, yet with the preamp running at peak out +0db, and the XLS poweramp running with level controls at maximum, the volume does not sound any louder at all than the 380w I can get from a single channel of the amp. I'm going to ask on the Crown forums as well, but, hopefully someone here has some idea of what we're doing wrong. As I mentioned, at full power, my cabinet should be struggling to run 1200watts. I've only tried bridge setup for about 1 minute, testing different things - I had a feeling something was wrong, so I didn't want to damage the amp or speakers.
  3. OK, so I just went searching and found the previous threads regarding the compliance for listing the amps ratings, in particular bridge-mono 4 ohms. From what I understand now, the amp is capable of bridge-mono at 4 ohms, Crown was just unable to list it due to certifications or something blah blah blah. This is good news, and explains most of my dilemma and confusion. So the amp will be alright to run 4 ohms bridged. With that said, I should be safe to run the amp in bridge-mono for extended periods, and not worry about damaging anything right?
  4. EDIT: Problem solved... skip to post #5 Ok, so I just bought a used bass guitar preamp which was bundled with an older model Crown XLS 602... I am a little confused though: In the manual it lists the minimum guaranteed power ratings for 240V/50hz as: stereo, 2 ohms - 880w per channel stereo, 4 ohms - 670w per channel bridged-mono, 4 ohms - 1,760w Which I assume is the output ratings for my amp (as I'm in Australia, and my amp is the 240V model) However there are also ratings for 120V which also list options for: stereo, 8 ohms - 370w per channel bridge-mono, 8 ohms - 1200w Why are the output ratings not listed for these additional options under 240V as well? Do they not apply? I'd thought that running a higher impedance load than rated was OK, it just meant less power ---running a lower impedance load than rated was the big no-no? Also, more importantly, on the opposite page of the manual it says "Load impedance (note: safe with all types of loads)" and lists the allowable impedances as: Stereo....... 2-8 ohms Bridge Mono......... 8 ohms So, does this mean I can not run a 4 ohm load in a bridge-mono setup? Why would they list the output rating for an option not available then?? I ask because I only have a single 8-ohm bass guitar cabinet at the moment, and while the preamp is capable of stereo + bi-amping, I would like to keep it simple at the moment and run 1 signal, through 1 channel, into 1 load (which is 8 ohms at the moment, however I plan to run a 4 ohm load later on). Thanks in advance.