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  1. Amp

    This question have been asked many time do a search on this forum you will find, in short yes it can do it 4 ohms bridged, Crown cannot advertised it because of some issue with CE certification. DO NOT TRY AND RUN YOUR XLS802 at 4Ohms bridged mono. It will work for a while but if you listen closely you will hear your subs clicking due to insufficient power from the amp. They just are not designed for it and you WILL blow your speakers. I did an experiment and compared the new $600 802 with a used macrotech2400.... the macrotech ate it for breakfast and no clicking. The 802 is an entry level amplifier and not a performance champ. Use the right tool for the job, personally I'm a fan of the K2..... 2500WRMS @ 4ohms drawing only 12.7A of 120V? OMFG! ... and you can buy em on ebay for $500 all day long.... Cheers!
  2. CE 1000

    Parallel the speakers for 4Ohms and bridge the amp to mono... 1100WRMS from the CE1000 will drop 550W across each voice coil.