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  1. Budget in mind? you want to re-use the old cabs?? if that is the case there is more sciences in speakers then just picking a woofer and dropping it in a wood box. What were the circumstances you blew your sub 1. because the amp is running out of steam and was clipping too much or just a cheaper sub and you just burnt the voice coil? or maybe trying to run the sub below the tuning freq with too much power and just destroyed the voice coil because was hitting the bottom of the magnet? were you using any type of filter on your amplifier? Hi thanks for the responce. Yes I do want to use the old cabs. They are small older peavey cabs that measure 14x20x24.5 inside dimensions. They also have two port tubes of 4 inch pvc protruding inside the cab about 9 inches. They worked reasonably well until I fried the voice coil on one of the cheap 400w madison warrior 18s that were in them. I knew they weren't going to last when I bought the cabs. The signal is compressed and run through a crossover before heading to the amps and the xover point was at about 140-150. I have jbl 2-15+horn towers that sit on top and handle the higher stuff and have an internal xover. I use this on a live band setup in med and small clubs with rock music. I hope to get a good thump from them on the kick drum. I have been looking at eminence 650 watt rms 8ohm sigma pro speakers. What do you think? Thanks again, Bob.
  2. I have 2 ce2000 amps and would like to buy the best 18 inch sub speaker to get the most out of these 2 amps. I have the speakon cables and the adaptor cables to run the amps bridged. I have been running them this way with one amp for each side but reciently blew a budget speaker and its time to upgrade. I have the cabs already and need to know what wattage and ohms I should get in a speaker for the best low end performance. The cabs are small front load and this setup will be used in a live band application. Thanks in advance for any help!