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  1. To give you an idea of what I'm running currently.... 2x JBL VRX 932la powered by 2x XTi2000 bridged giving 1600w @ 8ohm each 4x Celestion powered Bass cabs (Unknown make of cab, drivers are 15" 8ohm 1000w rmx each) being powered by an XTi4000 stereo giving 1200w per side @ 4ohm (so 600w per cab) Normally at an event I have the VRX 932la's running just over half power and the bass cabs on full. What would you do to get the best out of what I've got, maybe adding another amp in the XTi range I'm not loaded with money so no expensive i-Tech ideas! The music played varies from chart R&B to Dance and sometimes Hard Dance. Any more info you want just ask! Cheers