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  1. XTI 2000 BM with JBL MRX525

    Hi, When running an amplifier in bridge , you are inverting the channels of the amplifier so output is derived off 1+ and 2+ on the back of the amplifier. You need to wire your speakon accordingly, or use the banana plugs. The back of the amplifer speakon socket on CH 1 allows 1+ and 2+ to be selected. A 2 core cable is sufficient for BM operation. thanks Rob ========================== What about the speaker end? Do you have to rewire that too? This is still not clear to me... If a 2 conductor cable requires rewiring (because the 2 wires are running on 1+ and 1-, thus needing 1- to be switched to 2+) wouldn't a 4 conductor cable already have that step taken care of? As Logruvz said, what about on speaker side? Sorry to be a pain. Just want to make sure I am not incorrect in my setup and I am getting full power to my speakers.
  2. I have been reading around on the forums but I am not sure that I am understanding fully, so hopefully someone can assist me. We have 2x MRX525 Cabs and 2x XTI2000s. Both XTI's are set at Bridge-Mono mode. We are using Channel 1 of the speakon connectors with a 4 conductor cable. Is this setup correct, or do I still need to rewire my speakon cable in order to actually achieve correct Bridge Mono mode? If I were instead using a banana plug to speakon, how would my setup change? Is a 4-conductor cable even necessary if running in Bridge-Mono mode? Any help is appreciated.