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  1. Hello, before I take these amps back to samash,, I hope to find the answer to my prob. I have 2 new xti 2000's. 1 pushes (2) jrx 125 dual 15"/2 way cabs, and the 2nd pushes 2 jrx 100 18" subs. I am running both stereo thru a dbx 234 crossover. according to my power center, the power is clean and has good ground. My board is gain set to 0. And yet a very low amp level, they clip and go into thermal protection. This happens from the beginning of use. My amp rack is open on both sides, and the amps are spaced out. The amps are not in any custom config., i use them in default settings. Can anyone help me out? I have heard many good things about crown, and for that reason I bought them. I would like to keep them. thanks Mike