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  1. Crown CTS with USP3/CN audio in soft

    Thanks Rob, I was quite alarmed as I didnt see any specifications that differed from the norm, and having a rack with PIP cards and normal ones with a 10dB drop did caused some concern, I guess bringing up the gain via the software is the only way to go. Thanks for the input.
  2. I've a couple of various crown CTS models ( CTS 600/1200/3000) fed by a BSS BLU-80. I have some amps fitted with the cobranet card while some are fitted with the normal analogue input module. All input sensitivities are factory settings. I have found that the amps fitted with the USP3/CN cards via analog input appears to be very soft compared to the normal card. ( the volume difference is like 12 o' clock and full on the rear attenuators ). My BSS is already running unity gain from ins to outs, the amp has more than enough reserve power for the speaker loads with output level meters at BSS showing around 0.... What am I missing here??