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  1. XTI 2000 won't completely power up

    Checked, no joy. Went ahead and sent it in.
  2. Turn unit on and the blue display illuminates, then turns off, then comes back on and the leds run up and down (and then the leds turn off). That's it. It never makes the final click, the blue power LED doesn't come on and the display is almost blank but you can make out a faint "LOW LINE" in it. It was in a rack along with a XTI1k when it quit, the 1k continued to work fine. Measured the voltage at the wall and it was ok, checked the internal fuse and it was ok. At the time of failure the amp was running some subs (4 Yamaha SW118), but it was during a discussion panel so it was only vocals, and it wasn't loud at all. I got this one back from Crown in September where the front panel was replaced. Serial is 8001264719. I've just gotten a SRA for it, but before it leaves is there anything obvious that I am missing? < edit > Also, this is only the second time we have used this amp since we got it back in September. 6 hours, maybe?