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  1. New XLS5000 not working

    UPDATE: The amp works fine, but it behaves differently from other XLS models in three ways: the clip light doesn't activate momentarily at power on unless a load is attached to the channel, the signal light doesn't respond unless the gain knob is turned up, and the fan (at least on this one) measures about 20 dB (!) louder at normal temps. The first two are irrelevant once understood. The fan noise is a deal-breaker for me.
  2. This XLS5000 powers on, and the Signal lights briefly illuminate and then go out. But the fan stays on high and the Signal lights don't react to the presence of signal. The only light that remains on is the blue Power light. None of this is consistent with my other smaller XLS units. Do I have to send this thing back? What else can I try?
  3. I need an amplifier to power a large sub (~2000 W at 4 ohms) for a digital organ, which requires high output down to 16 Hz. I'm looking at the XLS-5000, but I need more info, please. * The XLS series are spec'ed at 20-20kHz, but what is its response below that, at least down to 16 Hz? * What kind of 20A outlet is required for the XLS-5000 (NEMA 5-20, NEMA L5-20, or something else)? * What is the fan noise level (compared to XLS-802, which I find acceptable)? Thanks!