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  1. Hi there, looking for some help here. I have an amp rack with 6 x Crown Micro Tech 2400's and basically they were installed in an amp rack with solid sides so was no where for the heat to escape. When they were brand new they were a lot more tolerant of the heat but now they are a good few years old, they seem to cut out much easier. It is the 4 amps that are driving the bass bins that cut out. Each amp is bridged and running one bass bin with 2 x 18'' drivers in. My question is how does the odep work? Is there a sensor that controls it and if I was to replace this sensor (if there is one) will it be more tolerant of heat? the amp rack has had the sides cut out now so the heat can escape better and we have a huge fan blasting at the front, but they cut out all the time if the music is too loud! Thanks for any help. Will