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  1. Amplifier suggestion

    Now that it would seem the XTi4k is the obvious choice my next question is do I need to purchase an external crossover/gain control (example: Velodyne SMS-1) for the subwoofer or is that all controlled/downloaded via HiQnet System Architect to the XTi4k?
  2. I am planning to resurrect an Adire Audio Tumult Mk1 Dual 2ohm V.C. from the depths of storage and need some suggestions on the correct series choice. The application will be in a sealed 2.3 to 2.5 cubic ft enclosure (equal mix between HT and music as far as listening material in this application). My budget is roughly 1000-1200 dollars. I'm looking to to get 2.8k-3.2k wrms @ a 1 or 4 ohm load bridged which will have the necessary amount of headroom I would like for my application. From what I can tell the XTi series best fits what I'm looking for so far but I'm concerned about the amount of fan noise/heat generation being that I do not have a separate room for my HT gear. Any suggestions and/or help on the correct amp to use would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.