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  1. Modifying CM-311AE

    Mark is out of the country for two weeks so I will take over for him on this. Crown as a policy cannot help in the custom redesign a product. If anyone else out there in the forum has done a custom headset or would like to help fpp02005 please be my guest. I have owned a cm 311e headset for many years but have only been able to tolerate two short term usages due to the MAJOR discomfort. I have a larger head than most and even though I am a skilled mechanic my ears suffer no matter how I set it, bend it etc. Also the boom is SHORT of my mouth center at full extension. The sound and feedback characteristics are second to none! I would really love to use it exclusively for my performing rock group. Is there any other hardware available from anybody? I tried the Sennheiser ME3 headset mic and found it comfortable and strong enough but the mic fell way short of the Crown. I will be discreet with any suggestions, especially involving a different company. Thanks!