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  1. got it all up and running last night, all good , amp is set at below 1/2 on the levels, id say more close to a 1/4, pretty loud haha, think it could easily blow my speakers up if i wasnt carefull haha, great amp! fan isnt too loud either..
  2. cheers for the reply, much appreciated, so for my speakers you think i should leave the imput sensitivity @ 1.4v then?? just to recap they are JBL Control 5, montiors, rated at 175w
  3. My Power Tech 1 has been fully re furbished and retested, (306w channel 1 and 310w channel 2, cont @ 8ohm) my speakers are 4ohm, so what does this power equal to at 4ohm, and will the amp recognise my speakers are 4ohm?? how does that work? sorry for been a bit af a newby here! Also, what setting is best for the Sensitivity switch 1.4v, 26DB or 0.77V???? My speakers are JBL Control 5 monitors (175w)
  4. Power Tech 1

    Hiya, thanks alot for the reply, i have actually found a copy on the net (for the early version) so iv downloaded that, i notice you can add the XLR panel to the rear of the 1, id like to get hold of this kit but god knows where id find one? how old are these amps? and are they regarded as been ok? i cant really find much info on them, the one i have on its way to me is in mint condition and has had a full refurb by stan at the very highly regarded surrey amps here in the UK..
  5. Hi Right. iv got coming my way a fully re furbished and mint condition Powertech 1, what i want to know is what imput connections are on the back of these?? and does the unit have a fan, also is their anywhere i can get a user manual as i can only find the 1.1 version online???? im using in my home hooked upto my Pioneer DJM 600 mixer and JBL Control 5 monitor speakers, my mixer has XLR outpot and RCA for the master.. what do i need to hook it up to the powertech, also what are the powertech 1's like ?? any good? thanks