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  1. XTi Fan Full On

    My XTi 4000 fan was running full on the other day, and support explained the simple fix. Apparently this is documented on the site somewhere, but I didn't find it there or in the forum. Granted, I'm not a patient searcher Anyway, it's a simple function toggle for the XTi series. To enable or disable, hold the Sel/Enter button while powering on the amp. Eventually Preset will flash on and off wildly wondering what you are holding the button for still. Your fan should now be running at 100%, or be returned to normal operations. This function is not available through Sys Arch or Band Manager. So you'll have to remember the little trick. How mine turned on is a mystery to me. They suggested somebody was leaning against the Sel/Enter button when they turned the unit on. I turned the unit on last however, and that isn't the case. Oh well.
  2. BandManager Simple SRX712PS Preset

    I ended up using the the XOVER to drop the lows and OutEQ to fix a couple of dips. I saved the settings without the lows cut as well (so now i have flat and cut presets). It all seemed to work/sound well. One final question. Can you rename the presets somehow other than editing the XML files? Also, whatever XTi device file Harmon used as a template for the SRX presets had quite a bit of junk left in it. In addition to the "Y" setting rather than Stereo that I mentioned in another post, I'm seeing original Name settings that don't make any sense. Maybe all of these settings are available in System Architect? That's probably safer than editing the XML directly. Is this thing on?
  3. BandManager Simple SRX712PS Preset

    Guess I'll try them all and run True RTA against the settings. I'm leaning towards using the XOVER setting. I'd have to think this is fairly common, since you would be wasting a good bit power on the larger amps using some of these bi-amp presets as is. The tutorial shows sets of amps for lows/mids/highs. I guess that's a limitation of the presets though. One device per preset.
  4. I'm just looking to config two channels for SRX-712M's running as monitors. It appears all the presets are built for biamping though, which I'd love to do, given an infinite budget So, back to reality and my config. I just want to drop the low frequency range, that the 712's can't reproduce anyway. Some options: - I thought maybe a simple Low Shelf, but it doesn't appear you get to set the rate there. Plus, the response on Input vs Output from DGlass makes is sound like that's wrong place to do it (i.e. speaker setting should be done through output). - So, then I tried Output EQ. Perhaps something like a couple Filters with a Q of 2 at 20 & 30? The curve is looking better more shelf like that way. - Still, I'm wondering if I couldn't just use the X-Over settings and borrow the settings from the 712/718 profile, but just copy the 712 settings to both channels? Anything wrong with using the X-Over in that manner? Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  5. The JBL SRX Tunings has preset #4, "SRX712PS+SRX718S Sub", set to Stereo input.