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  1. Stick with JBL if it's been working fine.
  2. Boy, just a wealth of information on this forum.......
  3. Check this out
  4. I cant figure out how to hook up these two components to my bass cabinets. I want to get the full wattage from the crown however all I get is buzzing thrugh the speakers and what seems to be minimum wattage from the Crown. Do I need a 4 wire Neutrik in bridge mode? No idea here. Anyone? Just where do the cacles go from each?? Also what is an XLR jumper and what is it used for?
  5. xti2000 problem

    Check the ribbon cable from the main board to the front panel - it has either come loose or is faulty and needs replacing. This is a warranty issue, so contact who you bought the amplifier from and get it serviced. Cheers Rob Seems to be allot of ribbon cable/channel drop outs with this amp. I just bought one and will be sending it back for a refund. I'm not taking a chance with this one.
  6. Crown XTI2000 and Sansamp RBI --------------------------------------------------------------------------------