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  1. How many speakers of each type are you intending to use? Off the top, if you have say 2 mains and the one sub, it seems that you might be running a bit short on power with the XTi2000 if you run the setup hard. I always like to run with 2 amps -just in case. At least there is some contingency for someone dumping a coffee in your amp! (had that happen -grr!) dave b
  2. Amp

    Hi Bill. The spec sheet and the operation manual make no reference to 4 ohm operation in bridged mode, hence the -- under 4 ohm bridge mode. I would not go there as it seems that the design is not capable of sustaining that load for either thermal/stability or other considerations. Likely it would "work", but there might be trouble after some time. (Maybe a Crown engineer can voice in here) I'd hate to see you lose an amp -especially at a show. Check the spec sheet and Operation Manual links here: http://www.crownaudio.com/amp_htm/xls.htm Just my 2 cents dave b
  3. Thanks Mark -that is what I was hoping to hear. dave b
  4. I don't want to start a thing here, but I was just wondering if someone could clarify why the MA-5002VZ manual shows on page 2 that "MA Series amplifiers require Class 2 output wiring", yet the back panel of the amp shows that "Class 1 wiring must be used" Maybe it is just old documentation I'm seeing on line here? I know that there is a relatively new NEC Class 3 code to cover some of these areas, but I just wanted to hear what and why the regulators are requiring Crown and others to post on their equipment (for North American markets at least) regarding output connections. Thanks! Dave B.