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  1. RMS Limiter in MacroTech i series

    Thanks for the response. I am still questioning which would provide better protection, and the fast/slow blow fuse comment has be a bit confused. If I use the RMS limiting am I 'matching' the cab's rated power? For example, the 722's are rated at 1200/2400/4800 (RMS/program/peak). JBL recommends power at program levels. Various amp selector tools say to give this cab 2400 watts. So, am I safe with the following for the 722? Setting the RMS limiter on the amp to 2400 watts Set up proper gain stage between the board and drive rack 260 Set the Driverack's limiters to not clip the power amp? (again, assuming that no clipping is happening up stream) OR Using the dBu limiter on the amp and drive rack: Driver Watts = 1200 Driver Ohms = 4 Driver Volts = 69.28203 Calc: SQRT(1200 * 4) Driver dBu = 39.02638 Calc: 20*LOG10(69.3/0.775) Amp Watts = 3500 Amp Ohms = 4 Amp Volts = 118.3216 Amp dBu = 43.67525 Driver dBu - Amp dBu = 39.02638 - 43.67525 = -4.64887 dBu LIMITER SETTING Amp fixed gain in dBu = 37.9 Drive Rack Limiter setting: 1.234 dBu Limiter threshold setting (Driver dBu - Amp fixed gain dBu) Thanks.
  2. I have 2 Macrotech 9000i's that I need to use in a few situations. The cabinets they are going to be connected to vary in power handling capacity, therefore I need to do some limiting. Would it be better to use RMS limiting or db limiting? JBL cabs I need to use: SRX 728's - I can run wide open with these SRX 722's - need to limit it to 2400 watts RMS MRX 500's - need to limit these to 1000 watts RMS MPro 415's - need to limit these to 750 watts RMS IIRC. They will be processed with a Driverack 260 in various configurations depending on the need. Thanks John