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  1. xls 802 wiring help

    Yes . It would be no different than running individual signals to both channels except.... with a standard "Y"cable both channels would be getting the same signal. One speaker would be wired to amp ch1 output with a standard wired Speakon cable and the other speaker would be wired to the amp ch2 with a standard Speakon cable. Alright! Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  2. xls 802 wiring help

    Awesome, now I'm getting somewhere. O.k., one final question, is it possible to run the same input from the sub-out from the x-over via a y-adapter so the amp could simply be ran in dual-channel mode using the same input for each channel?
  3. xls 802 wiring help

    So you're saying to run in bridge-mono mode, I just run the sub-out from the x-over to channel 1 of the amp, with the switch set to bridge-mono on. I then run both (+) leads to a single sub, then daisy chain the signal from the first sub to the second sub, correct? Problem being is my speakers use speakon connections, so will I need to create/buy a banana-clip - speakon adapter or cable to connect the initial signal from the amp to the first sub? I'm trying to avoid daisy chaining as well as speaker adapters, so maybe dual channel with the same input is my best direction (if possible). How would I go about doing this? Thanks again.
  4. I have a crown 802d I will be using to drive two subs. I will be using a Behringer CX2310 Crossover's mono subwoofer out. My question is, how can this be wired so I utilize both amp outputs/both subs without having to daisy chain the two subs together. Can this be done by using an XLR - y adapter from the subwoofer out ran to both imputs of the amp (like described below)? "Feed the same (i.e. mono) mixer signal to both inputs, but reverse the phase of the signal going into one of the channels. This is not necessary if you have a Bridge switch, it takes care of phase reversal automatically. But if you don't have a Bridge switch, you'll need to do this by taking the stereo (i.e. balanced) plug apart going into the "other" channel's input (whichever channel you've decided to "flip"), unsoldering the ring and tip wires, reversing those leads, resoldering and then plugging it in. This trick does not work with unbalanced cables & connectors." http://www.yorkville.com/default.asp?p1=6&...=17&p_id=25 - Source for above quote. I know the 802d has a bridge switch, so would the soldering be necessary? Am I just way off base, and should just daisy chain? Thanks.