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  1. ITECH- 6000 acting up

    I no longer have system architect as it went away with my last hard drive crash. I did purchase the cable from Crown, however since it has to be soldered in at one end I believe I will have to bite the bullet and send it in to Crown for repair. I don't know that I'm ready to take that on....
  2. ITECH- 6000 acting up

    I did just notice a sticker that states "3+3 warranty". I'm guessing this means it has been factory serviced?
  3. ITECH- 6000 acting up

    Hello. I was going to post a picture of this amp, but the posting of pictures is either not allowed or I'm too inept to figure it out. I do have another 6000 I could un-rack and compare to. The cable is greyish with a black header, but I see no glue. Is this something I can purchase directly from crown? Also, could you possibly post a link to the proper firmware and software updating procedures? The link I have been trying doesn't seem to be working. Again, thank you for your time.
  4. ITECH- 6000 acting up

    Thanks for the reply. Knowing what it costs for flat rate repair on these, it would be nice if I could repair it on my own bench. I was going to upload a photograph of the open case to see if you could point out which cable you speak of, but It looks like that is not allowed. Is it the long cable that bends around close to the channel one side?
  5. Hello. One of the ITECH-6000's I use to run the mid sections in my SRX-725's has suddenly lost channel two. Stranger still is that channel one will still operate fine, but only if the input is plugged into channel two. I have tried to do a firmware update, but the links for that don't seem to be working., Any help would be appreciated....
  6. Not quite sure what happened there. No, haven't bought the 722's yet. 6 would fill my needs, but I've yet to figure out how I'd poweer up 3 per side. I have to use two amp racks, one behind each stack. Twice a year I do work in a large rodeo arena where I need at least three to splay & get good coverage. One of the gigs is a demolition derby requiring a very high spl. A side benefeit to 4 would be that I could split this system into two smaller, still stereo systems.....
  7. Do you already own the 722's? How will you be using those 722's? do you need more SPL or you use so many just for extra coverage? What processing do you have?
  8. But it's time for them to go. I'm going to go with (8) JBL SRX-722's. (4) per side. I aready have (4) SRX 728's (two per side) each pair powered by an I-tech 6000. Yes, I need to stay with a ground stack system for the type of work I do, rodeo arena's & Indian Pow wow's. Can't go line array. I currently have two XTI-2000's that I'm planning on using to power the high section, maybe a bit much, but I already own them. I'm looking for some suggestions for powering the mid sections. Two amps, 2 ohm load per channel. I'm currently leaning toward a pair of XTI 6002's. Thoughts? p.s., yes this will be stereo tri-amp
  9. Xti 6000 Cable error

    And? (drum roll).......
  10. To run the 4 srx'728's which I'm about to purchase & also two xti 2000's to run the mid & high sections of my (6) Peavey HDH 4 top cabinet's. Does anyone see an issue with this or have any suggestions? Thanks.