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  1. Warranty Expire

    Thanks Kevin! i was trying to locate my receipt and no luck.:\ ill send you my serial numbers.
  2. Hey Guys! How can i check if my Crown XTIs are still in warranty? Thanks!
  3. Hi There , Yeah i own both Xti 2000 and 4000.( love them ). Thanks for the information. i was also looking at the Yamaha c115. what i like about them is the price it'"s just right. How good are they with bass? Do they distorte at high volume? What amp do you run the yamaha c115 with? Thanks Again,
  4. Limiting function within XTI amplifiers

    Hey Kevin, So what's the purpose of the limiting on the XTI if it's only going to lower my RMS? I think the limiting would be a disadvantage in using being the your going to limiting any over head for you speaker. IF you can give me any feedback so i can understand the difference in using and not using, besides the Less RMS output. Would it be good to use for Live setup? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, iam in the market in buying some tops and wanted to know if anybody has or or heard the jbl mrx515 paired with a XTI 2000 or 4000? If you have a link of video of them in action that would be great. Thanks in advance Appreciate any put on this.
  6. Where Are Crown XTI Series Made?

    Thanks Kevin for prompt reply. Just making sure wasn't buying some crazy stuff lol. as far as quality is there any changes in parts used to make them overseas vs the ones that were made here in USA.
  7. Just wondering if someone know where are the crown XTI series amp made at? I purchased all of my crown amp and they all say they are MADE IN USA , but i just purchased another xti 2000 and its says it was made in china =(. just checking to see if it's a fake or not. Please comment with any info on this. Thanks
  8. XTi-4000

    Ok thanks, i'll be giving kelly a call Thanks Again
  9. Limiting function within XTI amplifiers

    Kevin, so what is having it at -12db? Let's say if i have my XTI-4000 connected to channel 1 at 4ohms stereo the output is 1200 watts, so by having it -3db the output would be 600 watts. Thanks
  10. XTi-4000

    Hi Keven, It was doing the pop sound and the next day i turned it on and tried it nothing happen looks like its back to normal. when i noticed the issue i had a SRA open. but i think i'm going to give it another a week and see what happen. How long does that SRA stay open in the event i have to send it back in. Thanks
  11. xls 602d bridged 4 ohm load

    Hey, the xls series amp are not rated for 4 ohms bridge. You can only do 4 & 8 ohhms stereo and 8 ohms bridge. Hopefully that would work for you.
  12. XTi-4000

    Hey Guys, my amp starting to make a popping sound thru my speaker when its powered off. i thought it was another piece of equipment that maybe it was causing it. so what i did was just plugged my amp to the wall and connected my speakers to it and it did again with no audio going thru it. If anyone has any experience with this or heard something around please post. Thanks
  13. XTI- Macbook

    Thanks Magnus, I had that in mind, i was hoping there was a software for Mac setup already. i'll be giving that a try. Thanks Again
  14. XTI- Macbook

    What's up Crown Forum. Have a question Are the XTI Compatible with the Macbook. My xp that i was using has gone out and i'm not looking forward into investing in PC anytime soon.(lol). is there a software for Architect?