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  1. I noticed that there aren't many discussions about this topic, so I'm throwing this one out there hoping , someone can give my some help or advice with my delima. I am very intrested in the XTI 1000 Crown power amp. I am hoping I can use it with my bass preamp set up I have in mind. Tell me if it's a good set up and if this is the right amp for the job. Thanks. Here we go: Furman power conditioner pl plus line 6 wireless X2 XDR95 BBE 383 sonic maximizer bass preamp BBE 362sw sonic maximizer w/sub woofer control ( Crown power amp ) ? Ampeg SVT 4X10HE 500W RMS/1000W PROGRAM IMPEDENCE 8 OHMS Ampeg SVT 1X15EN 200W RMS/400W PROGRAM IMPEDENCE 8 OHMS 2 NEUTRIK SPEAKON TO SPEAKON SPEAKER CONNECTIONS 12GAUGE +1/-1 standard 2 pole. Monster cables.