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  1. Hi all, At the weekend I was working at a great 'Free Camping" festival here in Lefkatha, Greece. The beach was beautiful but it was a bit windy and we tried as best we could to set up windbreaks, and the racks were lifted as high as i could get them up off the ground on some tables. About 3/4's of the way through the night i noticed the thermal lights were starting to occasionally flash (and before anyone states the obvious i will expand by saying all my amps i run at 4 Ohm loading, i have my driveracks set up to protect the amps well before the clip lights flash, and it was a cool evening with no physical objects blocking the path for the airflow to move through the units). I checked constantly to make sure that the lights were never running solid but only occasionally flashed, and turned down the gains to try and reduce the heat load generated. My only conclusion was that as the hours progressed sand had managed to get into the front of the xti's and were reducing the amount of airflow coming through. So now i would like some help and advice on cleaning them correctly. I am guessing that a vacuum cleaner should be avoided due to the static build-up which could effect the circuitry - but a little shared experience from someone would be very greatly appreciated. Also going on from this, does anyone have any tips to stop this from happening again? Has anyone used additional foam on the front as a primary barrier, or can you recommend some product/material that can be used without limiting the airflow to the fans? Many thanks in advance, Magnus
  2. XTI- Macbook

    Hi again Eric, The Harman software (Band Manager / Sys Architect) will not run natively on a mac. And if you intend to use only Macs then you will have to install a copy of windows using Bootcamp (on Leopard or Snow Leopard) or one of the virtual options like Parallels: Parallels on Mac Personally i use Bootcamp, and simply reboot into windows when i want. This way there is no way that the 'gremlins' from the Windows side of things can effect my Macintosh partition or any of the data that i work with using OSX. This is a perfect working solution to run System Architect or Band Manager on my MacBook when i am out working with the rig, although i have also heard on this forum that the Harmon software works fine using the virtual OS solutions as well. Hope this helps, Magnus
  3. Nema 6-20P plug on xti 6K

    Enough said. Thanks for your help - as always Kevin.
  4. XTI200 and XTI4000

    "YES" You can set up crossovers between CH1+CH2 (Subs on CH1 and Mid/High on CH2) specifying simple options using the front panel on the amp, or plug in a PC and create tailor made crossovers/limiters and eq which you can then save and recall from the front panel when you want. Have a look at the free Band Manager software to get an idea: Hope this helps, Magnus
  5. Hi Slingerkid, you need to go to the Harmon site to download 'HiQNet Band Manager' (it's the simplified version of Sys Architect specifically for the Xti range connecting via USB). It will be all that you need to do what you want: Also make sure you read all of the specs as you may have to load 'Microsoft .NET 3.5' - which is also available from the above page. Once you have all of the software installed your PC will recognize the XTI and it will automatically populate when you run Band Manager software. Many people (including myself) have had similar issues so don't worry, but most of the answers you are seeking can be found here in the forums - just use the search function. Hope this helps, Magnus
  6. Hi, just a quick one to the Crown guys. My new xti 6K has arrived today so i will finally have the headroom that i have been waiting for on my subs. (My xti 4K was running at 0.8 of program power for the bass bins which was not leaving me very much when they were pushed). So i unpacked the 6K to find that there is a NEMA 6-20P ended lead in the box, and here in Athens Greece this is not a common socket to find anywhere. So my question is this: Is it ok to chop the plug off and change it? Also - why is it that the manual for the xti shows the 'AC Inlet Connection' as being an IEC C20(20 amp) only in the 'English' text, yet in French/German and Italian the connection is an IEC C14 (10 amp). So can you enlighten me as to whether this xti 6K will run from a 10 amp supply as the literature suggests? Or do you sell a different spec'd machine for euro countries, it's a little confusing. (Page 20 on the xti operation manual) Thanks for your help - as always Magnus
  7. Hi, I am getting annoyed with ignorant dj's acting like children on my mixer. When i set up my system for 'me' to play i can use a flat signal (no red lights) from the mixer, and set the amps to just below the clip level. Everything is safe, and there is the least amount of electrical components between the musical material and the drivers - this will give me the best sound possible from my system - easy! Now when the rest of the dj's start to play - and no matter how i explain or threaten them - as soon as my back is turned they are using the EQ pots on my Pioneer like 'Etch a Sketch' controls, and the main output is almost solid red. I was told by one dj (who shall remain nameless) "my music is all about distortion, it is the only way i play!" - to which i replied "****-off". I have obviously been trying to protect my investment when others play by using the Crown dsp limiters, and high pass and low pass filters - but sitting next to the amps constantly lowering the gains as each dj tries to get more volume is bugging me. To protect my system i am thinking of investing one of the new dbx driverack PA plus. This will give me the Peak Limiters (among other things) that i am looking for so i will negate the fact that dj's can be destructive in their ignorance, and i will stand a chance of going for a pee without my speakers getting melted in the meantime. So my questions: - Can someone with similar experiences advise me that this is the correct way to go - I have heard other systems using driveracks and they have sounded a little sterile, is this just because they were set up incorrectly? - dbx driveracks have settings for Crown amps, are these any good? I thank you in advance for your time, we are all trying to get the best from our systems and these shared experiences are worth their weight in gold. Best Regards, Magnus
  8. I have been working with a fantastic Crown tech over the last couple of weeks on this stubborn issue with my xti. It was a bit of a head scratcher for both of us, and with a 12 hour time difference between us it made for challenging communication. We have been talking every working day via mail trying to get a solution - and today we cracked it using an older version of the firmware to get the device recognized. Now i have a fully functioning xti that communicates perfectly with all of the Harmon software, and it all works seamlessly. So i would like to finish this posting by thanking all of the support staff at Crown USA, and raising my hat to Kevin Heber for being an absolute star. Thanks for your time, and your professionalism. My big gig is this Saturday, and my problem is fixed. Magnus
  9. Hi Kevin, I have gone into the options as described and the USB device is listed. I went through both entries removing them and adding them again and still had no joy. The Sys Architect is online but regardless of whatever i did in the 'options' section there was no change - User:Admin Devices:0 Online:0 Offline:0 So, as an ex IT tech i did what all good tech's do when they have no idea what the problem is: 'They start clicking all of the buttons randomly to see if anything productive happens!' And to my surprise i have found that one part of the system architect software is working fine. The 'Readdress Devices' section showed me that there is perfect comms between hardware and software, i instantly got the full listed table for the device: Address: 48541 Type:Crown Xti Description:(THIS FIELD IS BLANK!!!!!) ID:8E-17-B2-93-A9-4A Status:Detected I was able to reboot the xti using the button, I can also get the screen on the amp to flash using the auto locate button etc etc, so i have full comms only with the side of the program that deals with 'Readdressing'. And after all of this success the main program was still in a strange state of denial blindly telling me no devices were attached. So only part of the software recognises the Hardware!!! Here is what the error logs say for the non-functioning side of Sys Architect: DateTime Type Category Priority Name Details Address 1 15102009 Info Application Low Event Log ( Log started: 27970 2 15102009 Info Application Low New data directory Creating C:\ProgramData\HPRO\SystemArchitect\ 27970 3 15102009 Info Application Low LoadPreferences Creating new preferences file. 27970 4 15102009 Info Application Low AddressNegotiator Successfully negotiated device address 27970. 27970 5 15102009 Warning Device Low USB.SendMessageToDevice (vnd=4624,prd=2048)=-4[MsgSendToDeviceErrorHandler] 1 Then line 5 repeated again and again.......... I have read previous postings on the forum that the admin clearly stated this problem is due to the 'Description' field being left blank. Apparantly there is a fix for this that was sent via mail, but it was not posted on the forums. I was under the impression that the new version of Sys Architect had fixed detection issues - but i beg to differ! If you can send me the 'Old School' fix for this i would be greatly appreciative. Or if you want to make it an historical document on the forum for others with the same issue that coul be useful too. Many thanks, Magnus
  10. Hi all, I have a big problem with bandmanager and system architect failing to recognise my xti4000. At the moment i only have the one xti so i cannot do any side-by-side tests. I had tried all of the usual fixes, checking drivers, leads, connections etc etc and i already had firmware above the minimum. As a longshot i thought i would try and run a firmware upgrade, and to my total surprise the firmware software was able to communicate perfectly with the xti and performed a flawless installation. the xti rebooted and has since worked as it should. At the time i believed that any software glitches that could have been present with the older firmware would now be solved. I now have firmware version on the xti4000 and i am using Band Manager 1.00.1 to connect. I had originally used a cleanly installed XP machine with SP2, and after a couple of frustrating months i have just gone through the whole process again with a new machine running Vista Home Premium (obviously both machines had .net 3.5 installed and any other additional software that the programs required to run) to have exactly the same issue! I have read through 'all' of the postings on this forum regarding this issue, i even tried disabling my wireless networks and having an ethernet connection running as per the fix for the earlier versions of Band Manager - but absolutely nothing will get the software and hardware to work properly. These are the 3 common errors showing in the Band Manager error logs when trying to detect the device: (vnd=4624,prd=2048)=31[MsgRcvFromDeviceErrorHandler]Closing Device(node=1). (vnd=4624,prd=2048)=-4[MsgSendToDeviceErrorHandler] (vnd=4624,prd=2048)=31[DeviceListChangedHandler.m_oHIDClient.OpenDevice] I see from other posts regarding this issue that a batch of xti's have had the same problem. The serial number on mine is 8001406642 and the date is 06/25/2007 - if this helps to identify. I would really like to get this working because it is an expensive piece of kit, and this is the difference between me buying more of your equipment in future or avoiding it like the plague. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Magnus
  11. XTI USB Connectivity

    I have had the same problems with my xti4000 not being recognised. My firmware was updated perfectly so there is not an issue with drivers/leads/connections etc but the Harmon software - Band Manager and Sys Architect refuses to communicate with the xti even after the firmware update. All versions of software are new and cleanly installed and i have tried this on 2 different PC's - one with a clean XP and one with a clean Vista. Magnus
  12. So, next question on the amplifier set-up: Is it better to run a single xti4000 as the dedicated Subs amp (and the other 4000 for the Mid/Tops), or due to the fact that they have switching power supplies would it be better to run a crossover on each amp so that only one channel per amp would be used for Bass and the other for the Mid/Tops. I am thinking that the setup in this way may utilize the available power more efficiently, and the peaks that are needed for heavy Bass notes would only be pulled 50% for each amp. I do not think that the Bridge mono and flipped channel 2 output (as described in the links above) would work with a switching amp, and could be very destructive according to some other posts i have read. This would only work on the older Macro Techs in the Crown range. So i will stick to the standard set-ups, and try and give my equipment the longest life possible. Thanks for the input Mitchiemasa - much appreciated
  13. Hi Kevin, thanks for getting back to me. My Firmware number is now showing as exactly # after going through the upgrade at the weekend. I have brought home a works XP laptop to see if this will be more accomodating with the Amp. I will let you know the result. Regards, Magnus The Laptop died a death, black screens etc - so what is your next idea?
  14. 1 - I tried to use the Firmware upgrade file to see if i could get to the XTI usb driver, but the .s file extension can only be read by the cloader program (Failed) 2 - I used the Cloader program and ran a full Firmware upgrade, the amp did everything it was supposed to and the connection between PC and amp was perfection in digital communication (success) 3 - Closed Cloader when the amp had rebooted and 'DSP OFF' showing on the LCD front panel, as instructed (success) 4 - Opened Band Manager, no devices found (Failed again) 5 - Uninstalled and re-installed Band Manager, no devices found (Failed again) 6 - Re-installed Sys Architect, no devices found (Failed again) Failed Again!!! So to sum up things up: I have spent hours of my life trying to use this software on my PC. One piece of the Harmon Software is able to recognize the Amp instantly (Cloader Firmware upgrade), where all of the other pieces of Harmon Software do not. The PC had a fresh install of XP last week after reformatting, and has been updated completely with all the official licensed Microsoft products. I do not use a USB hub, there are only 2 other USB ports being used (mouse and Keyboard), all specifications for loading the Harmon Software have been met or exceeded. At the moment i am even contemplating installing Parallels and then XP on to my Macbook in an attempt to get this going. My final point on this matter: For the love of God will someone please tell me where i can find the correct USB driver for an XTI amp so my PC will communicate with it Thank you
  15. And before anyone asks - "Yes" my serial number for the Amp is above the stated 800129400 so i should not have to update the firmware for the Sys Architect to communicate. Also as a note there is XP with SP2 on the machine and it meets all requirements for spec (.net 3.5 / Ram etc) I have just seen that there is a potential USB Driver in the folder that is downloaded for the 'Firmware Upgrade' so i will see if i can download this and then specify the file when installing the device again. Hmmmm