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  1. Hi Mark, Got some more specs on another cabinet, hoping you can clear this all for me. This cabinet is a stereo cabinet rated for 150watts per channel, 8 ohms, per channel. Will i be okay pluggin in the PT-2 into this cabinet, using both channels of the PT-2? In a nutshell, can i run one of the channels of the PT-2 into an 8ohm speaker (150 watts)? Thanks again, Ray
  2. thanks mark for replying, the cabinet is 4x12 inch speakers, 16ohm, rated for 150 watts. I am only running one of them. Im using a preamp, into the power amp then into the 4x12 cabinet. Im trying to play my guitar through this setup if it helps. If at all possible, id like to run it in stereo, which would require rewiring the cabinet if im not mistaken. But for the moment, id just like to see what it sounds like- I get confused with the OHM stuff. Let me know if you need any more information. thanks again! ray
  3. Hi guys- I have a Crown Power Tech 2 Amp which i want to wire to my 16 ohm 4x12 cabinet. Is this something the amp can handle? Im real confused on how to wire it. Can i just get some bannana connectors and some speaker cable to 1/4 connector and just hook it up or do i need to rewire my 4x12 to accept 8 ohms? Thanks for any help in advance, ray