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  1. Perfectly ok to use 2 different loads, as long you respect the minimum recommended load for the amp. Excellent - thanks!
  2. Perhaps I am not searching in the right places, but I cannot seem to find the answer to the following question: Is it permissible (or recommended) to use one channel to power an 8 ohm load (single sub) and the other channel to power a 4 ohm load (two stage monitors in parallel)? Should I maintain a balance for best performance even though the amp is driving speakers for two different purposes with independent inputs? Thanks!
  3. Excellent Kevin! Thanks for the fast response - I don't believe I need the thermal data anyway. Thanks again!
  4. I have looked at the XLS AC Power Draw and Thermal Dissipation sheet, but the XLS5000 is missing from the list. Does anyone know the power draw specs on the 5000? Thanks!