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  1. Last Day

    Today is my last day with Crown. It's been a great tour! I've learned a heck of a lot from you all and hope it's been good for you too. Like any technical pursuit, there are at least as many ways of doing pro audio right as there are doing it wrong. So learn 'em all and do it your own darn way. Tom L. will be doing it his way and taking care of the forum from here... All the Best, KH.
  2. Mrx 518 and xti4000

    Impressive! This is sort of like redlining an engine. It wasn't designed for that, but if everything is just right it might work just fine indefinitely. It will most likely shorten the life of the output stages because they will be cranking out maximum current at almost all times. Thump = power, so the best thing you could do (for cheap) would be to substitute two small amps and run each in bridge-mono (e.g., two XLS1500's). Another thing to try would be to highpass the MRX's and put in an EQ bump at 50-60Hz. Some music sounds thumpier that way, but other stuff will sound anemic.
  3. Very nice work. Thanks for being so thorough. We'll get this set up in the lab and get back to you.
  4. Ma5000i Ch1 cliping

    I would say this is a hardware problem that requires service, unfortunately.
  5. Amp history

    I would say the difference is in how well the Crown person is able to navigate our SAP system. In my case, I suck at it. I can usually get the basics but someone in customer service (Kelly or Priscilla) would be best at coaxing out all the finer details. I didn't see any record of work done at IRC, but it could be hiding from me.
  6. Amp history

    No updates were done to it -- but this does not mean that 100% you need to get it serviced. The majority of these amps never need anything, believe it or not. However, to be on the safe side, most owners choose to get them updated. It is not under warranty.
  7. High Pass Question

    Yes, but I'd set it down further in the 55Hz range. Using the HPF will free up more power in the amp and prevent speaker stress.
  8. Thanks -- if you can document reproducible steps that would help tremendously.
  9. Amp history

    Originally invoiced to Guitar Center in 2006; bought in 2007 by IRC Audio in Indianapolis; never serviced under warranty.
  10. The SHORT message is exactly what you'd expect -- the amp thinks that channel is shorted (or nearly so). This is indeed bizarre. So you're saying that when the unsupervised amp unmutes by itself, you can check it with Band Manager and it thinks it is still muted? My only guess is that you have uncovered a bug. The amp is ramping down the output in response to the SHORT condition and "forgets" that it is supposed to be muted. We don't have this bug documented anywhere, though, after 5 years of field sales. That would be extraordinary I think. You can change a preset temporarily without storing it -- this will produce the message CUSTOM in the lower left of the display. A MUTE would qualify as a change.
  11. Amp history

    Our wonderful corporate firewall proxy is blocking the picture. Can you please transcribe the serial number and any other relevant info?
  12. IT8000 CH2 clip light on and no output..

    The hyper fan could be ribbon cable related, or it could be a bad thermal sensor. Do the ribbon cable first and see.
  13. xls 802 problems

    If you use a Crown authorized service center, they will handle it appropriately.
  14. Not easy to do with speakon connectors. First, you need an NL4 cable. Then you have to physcially open up the connector body on the amp side of the cable and re-wire it such that the speaker is hooked to the 1+ and 2+ pins. Might require soldering. Use the channel 1 speakon output only. There are some decent illustrations of this on pages 12-13 of the old XTi manual: If the amp has binding post outputs, you can just connect the speaker to the two red posts instead. Quite a bit easier.