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  1. XTI-2000 Completely Dead , any fuse?

    Ok my XTi 2000 amp is also dead. Saturday (4/14/12) it was working fine but i took it out of the rack as I didnt need the amp at the gig (my buddy took his XTi 4002). Today Monday I dusted it off, put it back in the rack and plugged it in and now it wont turn on. Its out of warranty so I opened it up and i hear a buzzing noise around the fuse area. My amp was manufactured back in 2007 so i don't think its the power supply. Hopefully its just the fuse but if anybody have an idea of what it could be, please let me know. Thanks
  2. XTi 2000

    Hey guys, I took my amp to a certified crown repair center and they replaced the ribbon cable on the display board and the problem is gone. Plus it was under warranty so i didnt pay a dime. So i strongly suggest you guys do the same thing with your amps before the warranty is up. Go to and look for the list of certified crown repair centers and take it to the one nearest in your area. Good luck with your amps.
  3. XTi 2000

    Thanks for your reply kevin. Email has been sent.
  4. XTi4000 ch2 dropping out

    Hey kev...was your amp still under warranty? If so, did they charge you for the repair service?
  5. XTi 2000

    Hi. The audio on my XTi 2000 ocasionally drops out at low volume input levels. Channel 2 completely goes silent and i have to turn it up rele loud (on my mixer) then the sound will come back thru the speaker. I read that the earlier models have this issue and my unit says it was manufactured on 4/23/07. I purchased it back in 6/07 so its still under its 3 year no fault warranty. So what can i do? Should I take it to a certified crown tech? Someone please give me some advice. I love my crown amp and would like to get the issue fixed before the warranty is up. Thanks Alot. by the way im located in Kansas City, Kansas. USA