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  1. Dear sir Now I use MacroTech 1200 in Home studio with air condition environment so now I need very low noise sound Can I Remove Tranmotor(Avoid Fan noise sound) and replace them with ordinay Tranformer now i already change fan blade to 3' but if it possible it want to remove them. Regards
  2. Can I use Crown K2 For Mid - High

    many Thank For you Reply
  3. Can I use Crown K2 For Mid - High

    Another Quesrtion on K2 I see some feed back not happy with power save mode of 7 seconds Please tell me what does it mean ? when no audio signal for 7 seconds the amp will change status standby right? Is it possible to increase the time of power save mode? Regard. Natthawat
  4. I see many people use K series for ?Bass not for Mid High I don't know why? Can you tell me? If I use for Mid high how sound quality ? Because i search for fanless amp or Do you have any model that low noise fan or fanless to use is my home theater . Regards