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  1. wattage specification

    No, your maths are not wrong...RxP=UxU... If we multiply the 154.9V you obtain by sqrt(2)=1.414, we have the 218V i computed... Your measurement are very interresting, thank you for them... Last question: Why the bridge power is not twice the "per channel" power ?
  2. wattage specification

    I searched, but didn't get the complete answer i was looking for... Here is the end of my question : Is it is 6000 W RMS, it means that the amp can deliver to a 4 ohm speaker 38.7x1.414 = 54.7 Amps (IxI=P/R=6000/4=1500 => I=38.7 A) under a Voltage of U=RxI=4x54.7=218V Is it right? Thank you again for your help, Alex
  3. Hello, I would like to know what type of watt is used by Crown to specify the power of their amps? For exemple, the Xti-6000 is given for 6000W (4Ohm bridge). Is it 6000 W RMS? Thank you, Alex