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  1. XLS602 trouble

    Still a problem i'm afraid. The going into protect mode has been solved by re-soldering the resistor. But one channel works, but presents a loud hum (prob. 50hz). The other channel hardly gives any sound. If i turn the pot to max there is a very faint sound. So i'm afraid i need some more help..
  2. XLS602 trouble

    I just found the problem, a resistor came loose from the main pcb. Resoldered it and now it works again !
  3. XLS602 trouble

    Yeah you're right, it must be a DC pop. The woofers give an huge impuls, luckily they can withstand about 1KW rms, but still its not very good. The problem starts when the amp is just powered on, it gives no sound, when you turn the pots it goes right into "fault" mode, it wil stay there for a few seconds and return to normal (still no sound). Once it's warmed up a bit I can safely turn the pots without the protection circuit activating, but there is still no sound. It doesn't make noises if i tap the cover, i also checked to see if the case is touching the heatsinks, as this would create a short, this is not the case. What exactly does the protection circuit do ? Where is it located in the signal path ? Is there any other direction you can point me in ?
  4. XLS602 trouble

    Hello, I've been using a Crown XLS 602 to drive my 2 SDX15 subs for quite some time now. I have it hooked up balanced from a Behringer Ultra Curve Pro 2496. Since a couple of days the amp shows strange behaviour. After being off for the night, and I turn it on, the fault light comes on, after a few seconds it turns off, as is normal. Then after a few seconds there is a very loud pop from the subs and the protection circuit kicks in. It will stay on for a couple of seconds and then the amp returns to its normal state. Only there's no audio or singal! I replaced the old pots with new 50k ones, since the old ones were suspected to give the problem, if i turned the old ones they made crackling sounds and the amp would occasionally go into protect. With the new pots everything seemed to work ok for a few hours. But after not using the amp for 12 hours or so the problem returns. I've opened it up and checked al the leads and removed all the dust to make sure there were no shorts. After cleaning it and checking everything, it worked again, but the problem returned this morning. Could someone please help and point me into the right direction ? In addation: I just noticed some more things. After the amp is just turned on, turning the pots will trigger the protection mode, while turning the pots up and down you can see the woofer moving in and out. After a few minutes of warmup time the pots will no longer show this problem, but there is still no sound!