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  1. Ce1000A unbalanced inputs

    Hi, On page 7 of the manual it explains how to hook it up. Go here Either use a 1/4 inch unbalanced connector, or if using an XLR then pin 2 is hot and 1and 3 need to be joined as the cold/ ground. It will work with no problems. Just be aware that unbalanced cables are more prone to noise (buzz etc) picked up by external sources. Enjoy Rob Thanks Rob, didn't see that in the manual.
  2. Hi there, I am going to be running an unbalanced signal to the input of the crown CE1000A power amp. In the manual it only mentions balanced signals. Will this alter or degrade the signal in anyway and effect how the amplifier operates? Thanks.
  3. Hi there, I have the crown ce1000 amp and really need to change the input voltage to 0.775v. The pre-amp I use determines this as far as I know so I am looking for instructions on how to do this myself. Thanks