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  1. whats a good amp to run 2 peavey sp4 cabinets? and another to power 4, LX-18V3 B52 subwoofers, mobile dj Thanks
  2. XLS 602

    Thanks for the reply, the amp I have is actually the XLS 602D , is there a difference? i've been told by others not to push this amp at 4ohms in bridge, because its not printed on the box to be safe for 4 ohm bridged. This is why i came to this forum to see if its capable of pushing atleast 2 b52 subs lx-18v2. Thanks for any input
  3. XLS 602

    Run both of the b52s in bridged mono to receive 1600w in 4ohms??
  4. XLS 602

    XLS602 be okay for peavey use?
  5. XLS 602

    would it hold for the peavey? or would I be better off using like a xls802 per cabinet? I would like to use one amp bridged-mono. I will be using them with a crossover as well.
  6. Im gettin a used XLS 602 as an addition to my system, Would I be better of using it to push 1 peavey sp4 in bridged or 1 b52 subwoofer cabinet rated at 1000watts in bridge as well? thanks