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  1. carnival touring

    in trinidad & tobago the amps that takes 24 hour driving without break down or even shut down is the vz5002, i really would like to continue using this line but i'm upgrading and troubled of using the other amps because, on the truck, on the the road, the amps are driven really hard and most of the system owners use vz5002 some use crest others qsc but i really need to upgrade to meet the demands of the larger crowds. so could you all tell me which would be able to handle this vigorous treatment and don't forget the same or even better drive.
  2. low end punch

    i really need to know which amp will deliver the punch like the vz5002 cause i am presently doing an upgrade to my touring rig.
  3. which of the new amps will give punchy lows like a vz5002
  4. discontinued amps

    is there a crown amplifier that will deliver that punchy lows to replace the vz5002?
  5. discontinued amps

    is the vz5002 a discontinued amp and if so, why?