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  1. xls 802 problems

    Hello, I am in the process of repairing an xls802d that has most likely got some blown output devices. I will go ahead with the repair if I deem it economical. Just out of curiosity what are the under rated capacitors so I can replace them with higher value ones, the recommended new values would be good. Regarding the green lights I’m not too sure to be honest. Mines bust anyway. I shouldn’t think they should be on as they indicate a signal presence how they can do that if they’re already lit up. cheers
  2. i know im a little slow, but i like my xs500 as a hi-fi amp. apart from the fan noise
  3. Hello all, I have a few hi-fi amps at home (Nad rotel Cambridge audio) and have had serious listening time with some others such as arcam and Yamaha. I have decided that I prefer the sound of my crown pa amp. I know I have to be careful about overpowering my hi-fi speakers but that is not a concern to me. I want to use the crown amp a lot more as my main listening amp but unless I am listening loud the fan noise is annoying. I want to know if the amp will run fine if I open up the amp and un plug the two fans. (one per side). The amp would not be doing anything too strenuous, as its powering 100watt per channel speakers and in a home environment where they are not that loud all the time. Cheers all .