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  1. XTI-4000 with SA

    no body has an answer for me?
  2. I own (3) XTI-4000 (2) JBL SRX 715 (4) JBL SRX 718 I want to us my system the following way: 1 x XTI-4000 bridge left - low 1 x XTI-4000 bridge right - low 1 x XTI-4000 stereo left+right - mid/high speakers: 1 JBL SRX 715 mid/high left 1 JBL SRX 715 mid/high right 2 JBL SRX 718 low/left 2 JBL SRX 718 low/right Is that setting possible with SA 1.9? Is there any difference in the settings using just 1 JBL SRX 718 for the lows each side for smaller events? Any recommended wiring for the signals? Signals l/r to the mid/high amp and through to the low amps? y-cable to the lows and mid/high amps? Any other way? Any specials in the settings of SA? thanks maxwillie from Germany
  3. Crown XTI 4000

    Thanks a lot Bill. So it would be better for me to earn some more Euros for 1 or 2 add. amps Hi Bill, my German Dealer has this plan: 1 XTI-6000 for the subs and 1 XTI-4000 for mid/high How do I get these things to work with the DSP or do I have to buy an add. x-over? The dealer told me that I could find a way in the manual of XTI-6000. Any idea? Thanks maxwillie
  4. would two Crowns XTI 4000 be enough to drive 2 JBL SRX 715 for mid/high and 4 JBL SRX718S for low? thanks for answering
  5. XTI 4000

    what benefits do I have using 2 XTI 4000 together with a DBX DRIVE RACK PA or is the integrated DSP in your Crowns XTI 4000 enough to drive a 2-way PA with 1 SRX 718S and 1 SRX 715 each side with good results without the DBX DriveRack PA? maxwillie Germany