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  1. That is CORRECT! The problem was that computer was not connected to a switch. Once I connect the notebook to a switch everything working fine. So in conclusion I have to carry all the time a switch with me to use Band Manager? It is possible to fix this bugg and to make him working without a connection to a network?
  2. The worst part it is that System Architect working very nice. I'm suspecting software (programs) that are comming with notebook VAIO are making some trouble to Band Manager
  3. Vista is Home Premium 32 bit, System Arhitect Original version that came with amplifiers on CD version 1.90 Amplifiers I just buy last week and has firmware 1.1.56 and was tested by Crown on 08/Dec/2008. Notebook is Sony VAIO VGN-FZ17G with fallow configuration: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (2GHz) Memory 2 Gb Video: GeForce 8400M GPU HDD 160 Gb.
  4. I just buy 2 amplifiers xti 2000 and I connect them to a nootebook with windows Vista Home Premium x86 (fresh reinstall). I install Band Manager and I start the program but it's not detecting the amplifiers. When I try to close, program is remaining open - I can shut down only from Task Manager. After that I install System Architect and this one is looking that is working. For me was better to have a simple program like Band Manager to work. I write an email to Crown Technical Staff and Harman pro hiqnet and no reply. I am a little disapointed by their support. I'm waiting for a solution if somebody experience same problem. Sorry for english and thank you for your answer!