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  1. 180MAx - Distortion

    My wife (Jackie formerly from Accounting) was the person who got this unit. Is there a chance that this could be brought into the shop for a check-up?
  2. 180MAx - Distortion

    Sorry for the delay...been traveling. In answer to your questions, we have used the supplied antenna with no modifications to the wiring. It is rougly 10 feet from the receiver and is secured pointing to the southwest. The display shows a strong signal but the red light above the volume dial turns red when the abstract noise starts, no matter what the volume setting is. There is no electrical wiring running close to the antenna or antenna wires. We have had the 180MAx in another room in the house (without being hooked up to the AVR) and the antenna at another location and had the same distortion.
  3. I have a 180MAx XM tuner/Amp set-up. I have a strong signal bar from the antenna, but get frequent, what appears to be feedback through speakers, which goes away after about 15 seconds. I am, by no means, a techie, so if someone has a solution for this annoyance, please try to use simple words so my head does not blow up.